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Festival checklist for girls… the ‘light’ edition!

FOR THE ORIGINAL AND MORE EXTENSIVE LIST, PLEASE CLICK HERE! I’ve devised a concentrated list of the things I’ll be taking this year. You may have already seen my ‘Festival checklist for girls‘, and I stand by it, and have … Continue reading

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TRIED & TESTED: Six festival hangover cures!

We all know that feeling the morning after a heavy one… did you really throw up? How did you get home?What is that stamp on your hand? Well imagine that ‘throwing up’ was spinning around a pole in a transvestite … Continue reading

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Glastonbury 2013 in video: Did you make the final cut? Cara Delevingne certainly did!

As I invite you to share your fave festival moments of 2013 following my check list and budget blog, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share this awesome video that Dan over at EAT Films produced. Whether you pilgrimaged … Continue reading

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Festival Budget Blog: How much is ‘enough?’ PLUS TIPS!

Forgive the cliche, but, ‘how long is a piece of string’? My friend once did Glastonbury on £100, I prefer to take around £600. We budgeted like this…

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Festival Checklist for Girls

NEW FOR 2015: ‘LIGHT’ EDITION – For those on public transport! There’s tons of festival check lists about, some are ridiculously excessive, others are suspiciously small (one reads: “Ticket, wallet”). This one works for me, and it’s been crafted over … Continue reading

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