Glastonbury 2013 in video: Did you make the final cut? Cara Delevingne certainly did!

As I invite you to share your fave festival moments of 2013 following my check list and budget blog, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share this awesome video that Dan over at EAT Films produced.

Whether you pilgrimaged to Pilton or not this year, this is seven minutes of your life well spent. Maybe you made it to the final cut, and do look out for the wandering eye rangers…. IS THAT YOU?! Add to this a good measure of Glasto family frivolity, (close friends, not cult) and you’re onto a winner.  

When you have a professional camera complete with super intense light by night, fellow drunks fly – almost literally- like moths to a flame to relish their chance ‘to be on the BBC’ (We weren’t the BBC, sorry guys, but you still made it into this awesome chunk of nostalgia!)

Massive pats on backs to Dan at EAT films; Glasto family member and Videographer extraordinaire.

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Welcome home James Arthur!

He’s 24 years old, he’s from Saltburn/Redcar/Middlesbrough (whichever pleases you most) he’s hot in a not-so-conventional way and his name’s James Arthur.

X Factor James Arthur Homecoming Middlesbrough Town Hall

When he sang the first few lines of “You’re just too good to be true” into the camera on the X Factor, he fixed a spot in girls hearts across the nation.

As such; you can imagine the hysteria that ensued when it was announced that he would be returning to Teesside to film a homecoming gig for this Saturday’s X Factor final.

With Nicole Scherzinger in tow- and straddling a Harley- watch as the mass panicked-excitement unfolded in Saltburn yesterday. Enjoy!

PS… Nicole Scherzinger later took to Middlesbrough Town Hall stage in a Boro shirt. ‘Shamazing’.


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Festival Budget Blog: How much is ‘enough?’ PLUS TIPS!

You can buy all kinds of crap and cute stuff at Glasto.

Forgive the cliche, but, ‘how long is a piece of string’? My friend once did Glastonbury on £100, I prefer to take around £600.

We budgeted like this…

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Festival Checklist for Girls

NEW FOR 2015: ‘LIGHT’ EDITION – For those on public transport!
There’s tons of festival check lists about, some are ridiculously excessive, others are suspiciously small (one reads: “Ticket, wallet”).

This one works for me, and it’s been crafted over six years of various festivals.

This list is created with Glastonbury in mind. It’s aimed primarily at girls in the sense that it covers the basics you’ll need.

Not aimed at girls who spend ten minutes with their heads under the taps shampooing their hair (AGHH! Just stay at home, festivals are clearly not your bag!)

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Kate Middleton comes to town!

It’s days like this I love my job! The Duchess of Cornwall herself was going to Stockton (poor girl). And not only Stockton, a grim alleyway in Stockton.

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Glastonbury 2013!

Glasto Girls 2010!

After the annual two hours of heart palpitations, sweaty palms and actual tears of actual desperation on the living room floor, I was lucky enough to grab my 2013 Glasto ticket!

You’d think after five years of trying it would get easier, or I’d have a decent system, but nope.. same frenzied mess as each year before.

It was something of an Olympic feat, in this Olympic year, and a challenge I bet Jessica Ennis would struggle to achieve. Continue reading

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‘Mon the Bish! One night, in Liverpool…

The set! Not taken by me, as we were warned before: “You’ll look like a knob head”

On my unintentional comedy tour, I found myself in the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Wednesday to see the mighty John Bishop as part of his Rollercoaster tour.

After the Frankie Boyle fiasco, I was looking forward to a bit of light-hearted, good old fashioned comedy, I was not disappointed.

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