Glastonbury festival lock ups

(Not so much a blog as a reference point from another blog, but all you need to know – hopefully)

What do they look like?


...and inside!

…and inside!

When are they open?
They open on Wednesday and close at noon on the Monday, so grab your stuff before then or it’s a trip to Waggonshed Welfare for you!)

How much do they cost?
They’re free to use but are run by charities and lovely people, so any donations are appreciated (plus they’re keeping your gear safe whilst you party, spread the love guys!) They also hand out toilet paper which is always handy.

What can I put in them?
(Pretty much) From teeny tiny bits such as earrings to an industrial tent trailer! Cash, cards, beer…. As you can see above they’re pretty massive places, so anything can be kept safe.

Where can I find them?

They are located right across the festival, but  see map here for a better idea (they’re marked with a black keyhole).

Keep your stuff dotted around numerous lock ups, or near your tent, or near where you know you’ll end up to save your arms!

– Some people store their beers in random ones
– Others keep their warm clothes near the naughty corner
– I personally keep cash in a lockup near my tent to dip in and out of as I go out each day each (because I’m a complete liability.)

How do I use them?
You take your items to the tent, they give you a ticket and take a few details (name/ address/ tel number etc.) You’re then given a cloakroom-style ticket. Et Voila! Safe stuff!

With cash, you deposit your money into an envelope and sign across the seal, which is then covered in sellotape. They don’t know nor care how much is in there… I’ve had £hundreds stored in the lock ups at some points and haven’t worried at all.

TIP: Take a picture of your ticket in case you lose the hard copy (but try not to lose the hard copy, eh?)


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