Festival checklist for girls… the ‘light’ edition!



I’ve devised a concentrated list of the things I’ll be taking this year.

You may have already seen my ‘Festival checklist for girls‘, and I stand by it, and have used it religiously, but this year I’ve found myself in an all-new pickle… PUBLIC TRANSPORT.

What was once there was a loud northern convoy of around 20 people has fizzled into six of us trawling the country from various directions to meet at the funny farm…Got to love growing up :(!

Train friendly.
Coach friendly.
Solo trip friendly.




ID  – And don’t be a dick when you’re asked for it.

Credit/ debit card – Perhaps stow this away in a property lock up for emergencies?

Bin bags – Just, because. Sit on them, use them as makeshift rain ponchos, or their primary function – as a bag for your rubbish 🙂
Cigarettes/ tobacco (readily available on-site and not too expensive, but be prepared to smoke B&H or Camel!)
Contraceptive pill – No glasto baby for this one, thank you!
Torch – I’m taking this little thing, it’s all you need to find your way through the guy rope abyss!
Toilet seat covers – Or forever hold that squat!

Tent – We have this Quechua pop up number:

It’s a little more expensive than other pop ups, but this will be its fifth festival and it still appears brand new! It’s also double skinned, which most pop up tents don’t offer (that means no sweaty condensation on a morning!)



What to wear?

It might be glorious one day and monsoon season the next. Rain doesn’t ruin a festival but being unprepared might just! If you’re ready for all weathers, you don’t have to worry about it.

Shorts x2

Tshirt/ vest x4 (let’s be honest, we all do the walk of shame on Monday morning in Sunday’s clothes)

Dress x1- Mini, not midi. Mini and midi do not make mates.

Jumper/ sweatshirt x1 (may purchase one there also, but need to save weight/space this year!)

Waterproofs – Jacket and trousers. Yes, trousers. You’ll get the last laugh if it’s a mudbath. promise.

Underwear x8

Bra x1 (or mostly none at all- #tinyboobperks)

Welly socks & cotton socks

Tights – weigh nothing, are invaluable if it’s nippy! Also hide shaving/ spray tan sins come day four.


Converse – Comfy, durable, fine in the heat, can travel in them. Done.

Wellies – I’m hoping to not need these, and I know they weigh a ton, but if it rains you will need comfy wellies – Not £10 ones that you can pick up at the festival and need cutting off your feet (the memory still haunts me)


Keep it clean:

1111Travel towel – The same size as a passport, look! Can also double up as a pillow, kind of.  Buy here.
Travel shower gel – Mint source I cannot recommend enough – will likely also use this as shampoo because my hair will look like crap anyway
Leave-in conditioner – to save hair from the above, fast and doesn’t clog up the water queue!
Deodorant – I like Triple Dry before the festival (splits opinion) but it stops sweating for a few days, at the festival I’ll be using dove or other standard spray.
Travel dry shampoo – Batiste or die.
Brush/ bobble/ grips/ bun shaper – Saved my mane and my sanity many-a-festival.
111Travel toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash – heavenly and necessary in equal amounts.

Femfresh wipes –  To make peeing in a ditch that bit more civilised.

RazorThis new one from Gillette means you can use your own razor heads whilst saving space, wave goodbye to disposable nightmares!
Toilet roll x1Scott’s tube-free toilet tissue is as eco-friendly as it is space saving. Toilet roll win! You can get the rest of your toilet roll there via convenience stalls and lock ups.

Sun block – You’re basically outside all day for a week. Even if it’s not sunny, you’re going to need protection, and if it is a sunny year, you’re screwed without it.


Sunglasses – hangover hiders, sunny squint shaders.

Wooly hat – It gets cold on a night! Can also hide offensive hair.

11111Day bag – Something light with a zip and large enough to throw a sweater for the night. I love this Zara one.

Head wrap/ scarf/ band – Hides hair if necessary!


– BB Cream
– Highlighter
– Eyeliner
– Individual lashes (to apply pre-fest. Blog coming later this week!)

CHEAT: Gelish nails last the festival and make you feel more ‘done’ when your face is saying otherwise!


And that’s me done!

I may have missed a few essentials (please let me know below!) but I think I’m all set. Going to throw these in a sturdy rucksack and train my behind to Glasto. See you there!


It’s probably also worth noting because I’ve mentioned products in here that I am do not get paid for/ work for any above companies/ products. I just like them and wanted to share 🙂


Look out for my eyelash blog later this week! Happy festivaling!



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4 Responses to Festival checklist for girls… the ‘light’ edition!

  1. Pingback: Festival Checklist for Girls | amyharland

  2. Denise says:

    I actually loved reading this.. just to double check everything I was takin was in line with others ha ha.. Glastonbury can be either a fashion show or a hippy parade and girls can worry like mad!
    Have a great time xx

    • amyharland says:

      Thank you Denise! I agree, and as fun as it is to feel like a fab fashionista… carrying it all is no fun! Hippie parade for me this year! Have a great festival! 😀

      Amy xx

      • Denise says:

        It’s just causing me a constant worry ha ha ha
        Let’s have a great time regardless! Two weeks time we won’t care ..
        I’m sure I’ll change my mind a hundred times before packing..I think I’m driving my boyfriend mad by talking about it…seems to easy for blokes..shorts and t shirts and off they go!

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