TRIED & TESTED: Dry shampoo!

It’s been around for generations, but as festival culture rocketed in the noughties, so did sales of dry shampoo. Then something awesome happened. Girls realised that we could use this magic spray to add texture to hair, and out came a million new hairstlyes. Now, there’s literally hundreds of types of dry shampoo on the market. It’s as flooded as Glasto 2005 (which by all accounts was bloody flooded!).

The Contenders
I’m trying out three of the big contenders in preparation for this year’s festival season:

  • TRESemmé’s Instant Refresh dry shampoo
  • Batiste’s ‘Blush’ dry shampoo and
  • Batiste’s brunette dry shampoo

My Hair
My hair is naturally brunette and ridiculously fine (the limp, useless, flyaway kind… not the ‘girl your hair looks fine’, fine). It looks greasy if I don’t wash it at least every other day, which sucks at a festival. Dry shampoo is absolutely essential! For this test I’ll go two days without washing my hair before testing each product for a day. Wish me luck! Lets keep it in the spirit by rating out of TENTS! (One = pants, five = fab).

TRESemmé Instant Refresh:11
I’ve used and loved a few of TRESemmé’s products before, and had been told that this dry shampoo is awesome.
Application: 11 It does come out pretty white and powdery, even from different distances, which would be great for you platinum blondies, unfortunately it made my hair look like a bird had just gone to town on my head. Yak. Eventually with a bit (lot) of brushing and teasing, I managed to make it blend, but I honestly don’t think id be up to the challenge after three hours sleep in a tent.
Feel:11111 this definitely felt the cleanest of the three. (Although with a name like ‘refreshing’ I guess you shouldn’t expect any less) had a lovely clean scent too, which was nice.
Performance: 11 Initially awesome, but didn’t seem to have much staying power. My hair was lank again by the end of the day, so I guess an afternoon reapplication would be necessary.
Verdict: 11 two. Two measly tents. I was expecting mega things from this and it just underwhelmed, sigh. The redeeming feature is its feel – very clean feeling…for a while.

Batiste Blush:111
Now, Batiste kind of rule the dry shampoo market. Maybe it’s because they’ve been around the longest, maybe it’s because our gran told us to use dry shampoo and we never listened until 2006 when it became cool, but they just are the king. So, I’m expecting a LOT from this product.

Application: 1111 Rubs in and blends well, the knack is to keep the canister about a foot away from your head. A little white residue, but this is quickly brushed away.

Feel: 1111 Clean, fresh. Perfect… Except the scent is a little false and overpowering, which could be annoying at a festival for sure.

Performance: 1111 Lasted all day with no touch ups.

Verdict: ‘Does what it says on the tin’. Great, long lasting, refreshing albeit a little sickly smelling. I have high hopes for the brunette edition…

Batiste Brunette:111
This specialist brunette dry shampoo promises the same performance as its original counterparts, with dark particles to counteract the white head look.. Is it too good to be true?

Application: 11111 Hallelujah! No white marks (I even cheekily tried applying close to my head). The texture feels a little stickier than the original version, but I’m guessing this is the dark pigments. Either way, it blends in/dries fine.

Feel: 11 It does have a heavier feel than the other two dry shampoos. I imagine after a couple of days the build-up would be intense, but to get you through one day… fab. The scent is fine though, understated which is quite refreshing.

Performance: 1111 Hair looked great all day without the need to reapply, which is great!

Verdict:1111111 At a festival I feel it would get you through one, MAYBE two, days. It’s powerful stuff and a bit of a godsend for us brunettes, the scent isn’t overpowering so I think this one would have to be my fave! Winner!

For dark haired girls such as myself, I’d take the Batiste Brunette shampoo all day long! Do you know of any other awesome dry shampoo products? Do share! Happy camping!






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