TRIED & TESTED: Six festival hangover cures!

hoWe all know that feeling the morning after a heavy one… did you really throw up? How did you get home?What is that stamp on your hand?

Well imagine that ‘throwing up’ was spinning around a pole in a transvestite laden robot/biker club, ‘home’ is the sauna of a two-man tent you’re sharing with an equally sweaty boyfriend, and the ‘stamp on your hand’ is actually a moustache from said club. I can’t quite rmember what had happened to the ‘quiet one’ we’d planned (I suppose I shouldn’t have been so naive/stupid to think that was even a possibility).

It was however, a good chance to try out my hang over cures, and fast! Because as soon as the next fragile soul emerged from their polyester cave I knew it would be time to drink once more, but even thinking about sipping warm Koppaberg was making my entire body wince. Crawling out of my tent hell I stumbled upon a friend who had fallen asleep outside between two camping chairs; backpack on back, silent disco headphones around neck, dribble reaching the ground. I wasn’t the worst off, success!

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Send help! There’s nothing worse than a hangover at a festival.

1. Greasy fry up.Breakfast Fry up hangover cure

Rating: 2/10
Maybe I was too far gone, or maybe the sausages resembling old ladies’ fingers put me off, either way I’d put so much confidence into this ‘Monster Breakfast’ fixing me, that it was almost a tear-inducing moment when it in fact just made me feel greasy, bloated, unsatisfied and £8 lighter. Avoid.

2. Alka Seltzer.

Alka Seltzer, hang over cure

Rating: 4/10
The giant disc-like tablet dissolves fairly quickly in water. It aims to relieve headaches, body pains, hangovers and excess stomach acid. It works, but you want to kill yourself before you finish the glass. The smallest amount of water the better, just don’t try to put the tablet directly in your mouth. Unless you want to play rabid dogs, I learned the hard way.

3. Resolve.

Rating: 6/10
Similarly to Alka Seltzer, Resolve dissolves in water to aid the aches and pains of a hangover with the added benefit of helping an upset stomach. However, this one tastes lemony and is in powder form as opposed to tablet, and although it’s still got a bitter tablet-like taste, the lemon flavour does take the edge off a little.

4. Dioralyte.

Rating: 8/10
Sachets of blackcurrant flavoured dissolvable medication meant to replace salts and body water lost when you have diarrhea. However, as when you’r hungover you’re dehydrated the concept is more or less the same. The taste wasn’t quite Robinson’s fruit juice, but it was better than tablets and other tried methods. Within an hour I was feeling normal again, great find!

5. Anadin, watermelon & smoothie.

Rating: 9/10
After a week of living of Brothers Cider, Jack Daniels and copious amounts of food knocked up in vans, I was more than in need of some vitamins. Head pounding, I threw back two Anadin tablets and trudged to a watermelon stand to grab a slice. Finished off with a freshly blended smoothie, it was nothing short of hangover heaven. Full of vitamins, hydrated and recharged, I still felt a little hazy, but no headaches or vomit-curdling stomach pains. Success!

6. Water before bed.

Rating: 9/10
An oldie but a goodie. If you can remember to do it, that is. I only managed 1/6 nights, but it works! Downing 1.5L of it on the walk back to the tent made me wake up fresh and minus splitting skull. Maybe if I implemented some sort of reminder system it would be harder to forget, but it’s still my preferred way to do it, not least because there’s no nasty tablet to worry about!
TIP: I found it easier to hold my breath and count to eight whilst gulping it down.

What are your favourite ways to avoid/ cure a hangover at a festival?


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