Festival Budget Blog: How much is ‘enough?’ PLUS TIPS!

You can buy all kinds of crap and cute stuff at Glasto.

Forgive the cliche, but, ‘how long is a piece of string’? My friend once did Glastonbury on £100, I prefer to take around £600.

We budgeted like this…

£100 Budget:

  • Took all her own food & a camping stove. Didn’t need to spend any money on food for the entire festivalHOWEVER!
    If you want to buy some food on-site, go to places away from main stages. Generally, hippie-oriented areas such as the green fields etc. do delicious hearty meals, which you can pick up for around £5 a time.
  • Took her own cigarettes (cost around £8 for 20 on site, but she smoked roll-ups)
  • Took her own alcohol & mixers. The beauty of Glasto!
  • Visited the Hare Krishna tent. (Get involved & they provide food free of charge.)
  • Brought a blanket incase it got cold

£600 Budget:

  • Includes trip/ service stations there and back! Tuesday – Monday.
  • Around £100 a day / 2 meals at an absolute maximum of £10 each per day
  • Brought 70cl vodka & Koppaberg cans for post-trash-city-almost-bed-time-campfire times.Bought all other alcohol on-site, mostly due to laziness and the reluctancy to carry it around all day. (Double JD & Coke was around £5.50, also drank cocktails somewhere near the Mexican Wrestling ring for around £5, so fairly reasonable.)
  • Bought all food on-site. Food away from main stages was cheaper and generally higher quality, but the most I paid was about £8-9 for a meal.
  • One chilly night, I bought a blanket from Banana Joe’s at £5
  • Various festival paraphernalia was bought. From a sun hat, to handmade bracelets, to a ‘peddled’ wooden mushroom.
  • There’s some amazing vintage clothes shops, so I got a few bits and pieces from there. (Admittedly again in laziness; to make my bag lighter I packed less and bought more there.)


    • Try to keep half of your money in the bank, and half in cash.
    • Withdraw the remaining half, half way through the festival.
    • Use ATM machines late at night/ super early in the morning, and go with a friend. They’re less crowded at these times, and you can avoid the hour-long queue.
    • Assign a set amount of money per day, and only carry this around with you.
    • Hide money in various parts of your tent. My friend one time brought an actual safe, although this could be a little showy, and interest potential thieves even more! Think shoes, bottom of bag, makeup bag, in sleeping bag etc.
    • Don’t carry your credit/debit card around with you. If you absolutely need more money, a friend may borrow you it, or you could go back to your tent. If it’s not worth the walk, it can’t be that important!
    • Avoid going to ATM machines on the Sunday/ Monday at all costs if possible. They often run out of money and the queues are endless!



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5 Responses to Festival Budget Blog: How much is ‘enough?’ PLUS TIPS!

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  2. Sandy says:

    I always carry valueables with me! Always. Car keys and a small purse. I tend not to be too fussed about how I look – so I will hook both of them to my belt loops and stick them in my pockets/bag. Either way. £600 quid is a lot for a festival. I take £250 and manage just fine. I take more then enough achohol and always leave a case in the car to trek back to early on Saturday!

  3. amyharland says:

    Don’t you get scared of losing them?! I lose everything haha.. I usually don’t spend the entire £600, but I treat Glasto as I would a holiday and take more than I’d need just so I don’t have to deny myself. I take a little alcohol, but generally buy everything there (This is mostly because I’m lazy and also I love JD & coke…but hate it without ice!)

  4. Alice says:

    I took £50 to Leeds Fest last year, even £250 sounds like a lot, but maybe i’m just a bit poor HA.

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