Kate Middleton comes to town!

It’s days like this I love my job! The Duchess of Cornwall herself was going to Stockton (poor girl). And not only Stockton, a grim alleyway in Stockton.

Me and a colleague were to go and cover the story to post onto The Brag..

One of her security guards informed me that she’d flew from Newcastle to Stockton by helicopter.. all 36 miles.. it’s a hard life.

Patriots waved their union jack flags and let out infantile squeals when she stepped out of her black Range Rover in a burgundy full length belted military coat and black, suede knee high heeled boots.

The first thing that struck me was her tiny waist, insane. Then it dawned on me how incredulously unfair it is that Kate gets professional hair and makeup people every single day whilst I had to apply lipstick en route to work this morning.

Either way, she was stunning, we were excited, and here’s a video of how the 20 minutes’ greeting time unfolded. Apologies for the jagged frames… child-like awe may have took over me too.

Read my full encounter and find more pictures here!


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25 | Northerner in Camden | I love writing, music, moaning and all kinds of girly crap.
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