‘Mon the Bish! One night, in Liverpool…

The set! Not taken by me, as we were warned before: “You’ll look like a knob head”

On my unintentional comedy tour, I found myself in the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Wednesday to see the mighty John Bishop as part of his Rollercoaster tour.

After the Frankie Boyle fiasco, I was looking forward to a bit of light-hearted, good old fashioned comedy, I was not disappointed.

Boyfriend in tow, we headed for our hotel’s bar, which was conveniently opposite the Echo Arena, where we was faced with what one could only describe as an ‘out-of-their-comfort-zone’ coach party. A hundred 70-plus year olds littered the bar, hiding from the bitter coldness outside, clasping their clawed hands around a G&T (perhaps not quite as sinister a picture as this, but you get the idea). Why on earth did they brave the winters’ night for an evening of comedy? Was it really up their street?

After piling out of the arena in cattle fashion, we ventured to see what Liverpool’s mid-week night life was like. We sipped on average mojitos in stunning bar; Alma de Cuba, and enjoyed ‘the world’s best olives’ (by name and by nature) at Jamie’s Italian. For anybody ever visiting Jamie Oliver’s Liverpool restaurant, try an espresso martini.. just amazing!

We danced into the wee hours and shamelessly ordered a pizza to our hotel room, before snoozing like babies, and crying (almost literally) all the way home to Middlesbrough. On which note; thank you, Daniel Sat Nav, for taking us on a four-and-a-half hour detour as opposed to the three hour route you chose for us on the way there. Much appreciated by two delicate souls in need of a nap..

P.S. I’m editing all of my photos for the foreseeable.. if it makes me look passable on a night out, then I’m all for it working its magic on pictures of the world!


About amyharland

25 | Northerner in Camden | I love writing, music, moaning and all kinds of girly crap.
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