Glastonbury 2013!

Glasto Girls 2010!

After the annual two hours of heart palpitations, sweaty palms and actual tears of actual desperation on the living room floor, I was lucky enough to grab my 2013 Glasto ticket!

You’d think after five years of trying it would get easier, or I’d have a decent system, but nope.. same frenzied mess as each year before.

It was something of an Olympic feat, in this Olympic year, and a challenge I bet Jessica Ennis would struggle to achieve.

So in 257 days; me, the boyfriend and 20 or so weird and wonderful friends will once again be trekking to Pilton- by hook or by crook- and we couldn’t be more excited!

Expect a LOT more Glasto/festival-esque ramblings in the coming months!



About amyharland

25 | Northerner in Camden | I love writing, music, moaning and all kinds of girly crap.
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